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HAHA, YES. I'm so obvious. :x Initially I had a subbed video lined up for my Christmas gift to the fandom, but I didn't have enough time to finish it and so I've put it off for a New Year's release--if I'm lucky, 'cause the holiday season and my therapy have been taking up a lot of my time. Still, I've had intentions to write a music rec + history post for a while now, if only because I feel like the musician side of TOKIO is ridiculously underappreciated and there're a lot of things about TOKIO that aren't translated and they've let loose a lot of little facts/tidbits over the years and sometimes their songs just. :| Speak volumes about those years (especially with Taichi--like oh God).

That's super cool that your husband likes (tolerates?) them, though! I'm honestly the same in a way; most of Johnny's makes me :|, but I like the other J-Friends on some level while not really liking their sound as much? And I got over the whole dancing thing a long time ago when I was younger. XD; The only other group whose stuff I SOMEWHAT listen to is V6, and even then it's just a handful VS the hundreds of TOKIO shit I listen to all the time. But I got into them when I was 9 years old and I haven't looked back since, so! Their music just makes me feel special and happy. And seeing how much they've changed and evolved and how happy/comfortable they are now makes me all soft inside.

I don't know how to accurately put into words/info posts my feelings towards TOKIO's growth and how important it is that they've reached the point they're at today, so I just try my best in these bursts of info posts so people who weren't here for the past 22+ years might get a sliver of it. 8D;;;

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