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DICK RIDING OLYMPIC CHAMPION TOMOYA NAGASE ([personal profile] hontontoko) wrote2017-04-10 12:55 pm
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summer subbin', happened so fast

I'm sure you've all heard about Tomo's new romance drama coming up!

Awesomely enough it coincides with my summer break, so I'll be subbing that. :Dd

I don't have time to translate anything concrete right now, but it's a remake of the 2004 K-Drama Sorry, I Love You. Tomo's character was abandoned by his mum, then gets this fatal injury after helping who I presume is his love interest (who, incidentally, has a romance thing going on with Tomo's half-brother). That being said, he tries to look for her before he dies so they can connect again. It sounds cheesy as hell and I'd rather die before I watch a romance drama, but we all know how much I love Tomo, so hey.

According to Tomo, the reason he hasn't done romance dramas as of late is because of lack of interest. "Love just wasn't the kind of thing I could comprehend," or so he says. He also says that he'll be pursuing the role "in a way that only I could do a love story".

"Now that I'm in my late thirties, the way I think about love is a lot different than it was 20 years ago. With this role, I'll be able to pursue it more honestly. After all the acting I've done, I want this character to be one people'll think, oh, only Tomoya Nagase could've played that guy, and if I have to do a love story for it, then isn't that fine? It'll be a love story no-one's ever seen before."

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