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DICK RIDING OLYMPIC CHAMPION TOMOYA NAGASE ([personal profile] hontontoko) wrote2017-05-18 10:30 pm

*dusts cobwebs* PUT YOUR BALLS IN THE AIR

I've taken a severely long break from fandom for a while (and have made the permanent decision to leave Tumblr forever), which has had... interesting effects. For one thing, I have had a lot more time to write the things I want to write (all of them are around terrible taboo subjects, though...), my grades have been doing well, and work hasn't been so rough. So hey. Unfortunately now I have student council work to add to my academics, and I'll be spending all summer working in a high school, so uhhhhh. Hooray experience?

I've still been listening to TOKIO and almost nothing but TOKIO and I say "almost" because recently I bought myself the OST for Arrested Development and dear God Shot By Love is a masterpiece, but news-wise and stuff I have been... super out of the loop. I'd say I feel bad about it but, like, it's not that bad, I guess. I really miss the boys though, which I always do, and get a whole bunch of emotional feelings thinking about Tomoya, so it's not like I've changed exponentially since before my hiatus. LOL.

With regards to fandom projects, as summer approaches I'm ready for Tomo's J-drama when it comes out! I also hear Mabo was the Plus One guest on VS Arashi, but my buddy [personal profile] draco_rattus mentioned that some Arashi subbing comm I don't really know about is doing it, so unless they decide to drop it then I'm definitely not picking it up. VS Arashi is absolute shit to translate, anyway. I'm also so fucking sick of reading Matsu-nii in my TOKIO spaces please shoot me in the head if someone says Matsu-nii please oh God this is the pettiest pet peeve i have and i'm so sorry I have a TOKIO Kakeru episode that's halfway translated and will be timed by a friend of mine once I'm done, and am going to start working on a certain secret something for TOKIO's anniversary in September. Tomo Week 2017 in November will also have its beginnings this summer, so for those of you who enjoyed that last year, it's baaaaaack!

I have two TOKIO x Arashi talks from this New Year still unfinished, so barring any complications this weekend, I should have them up by Sunday. If I don't have them up by Sunday, you can assume I either got swamped with work or got severely distracted by The Last of Us, which I've been playing recently because we bought a PS4. Incredible!

Interest-wise, I've sunken deep into Arrested Development, so if anyone's seen that please talk to me about it, because I have a lot of Gob/Michael feelings and am very much hoping that Michael gets his god damn redemption arc with Gob's support in season 5 coming out next year. :x And I've been re-playing Kingdom Hearts, and it is just as much of a fucking trip as I remember in my childhood, hahaha. I started Breaking Bad recently too and am seriously into it--and that only happened because of my love for Aaron Paul's voice in BoJack Horseman, which is one of the most cutting cartoons I've watched in a while. And speaking of cartoons, when the hell is Rick and Morty season 3 coming out?

Also, I took in a stray kitten. His name is Gob and he cries if I don't give him milk at night.

Anyway, my skill in translating Japanese has gotten pretty rusty, so please request any TOKIO song you might want translated so I can practise things before Tomo's drama comes out. ^_^ You can also send news articles and such my way, but just TOKIO-related stuff, if only because uh... well. TOKIO.

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