hontontoko: (gob/michael ( and it felt so good ))
I've taken a severely long break from fandom for a while (and have made the permanent decision to leave Tumblr forever), which has had... interesting effects. For one thing, I have had a lot more time to write the things I want to write (all of them are around terrible taboo subjects, though...), my grades have been doing well, and work hasn't been so rough. So hey. Unfortunately now I have student council work to add to my academics, and I'll be spending all summer working in a high school, so uhhhhh. Hooray experience?

This entry got a lot longer than I thought it would. )

Anyway, my skill in translating Japanese has gotten pretty rusty, so please request any TOKIO song you might want translated so I can practise things before Tomo's drama comes out. ^_^ You can also send news articles and such my way, but just TOKIO-related stuff, if only because uh... well. TOKIO.