hontontoko: (yamase)
To those who replied to my post thing to stay on my friends list: no worries! You guys are safe. I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to any of your comments, but the holiday season is hectic as shit. I'll be replying to them in a bit, though, because you've all been really nice and I don't wanna just leave things hanging.

To those who're waiting on friend requests: I'm currently on limit for friends on LiveJournal, but I'm about to delete those who haven't told me they still want to remain on my friend list. I'll make sure to add you as soon as space clears up, but please be patient!

On another note, the TOKIO x Arashi talks for this year have started again. I figure it won't hurt to sub them, so I'll have Tatsuya and Nino's talk up in a few hours.