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friend requests! messages! fragile! sho! more drama stuff!

Hi, I've been on hiatus way too long.

I've done episodes 5-9 of Fragile and will release 10 this weekend (assuming the family trip my mum wants to take me on doesn't take up too much time) or some time next week. If you're reading this and I still haven't added you as a friend, I'm so sorry! I'm trying to work on those as fast as I can.

My inbox looks like this right now:

So it's been pretty wild. :( I've already gone through 1000+ or so messages, but I'm going through everyone else's at as quick a pace I can manage. I promise I'll get to you soon! However, if you comment on this entry I'll add you as soon as I see the notification in my inbox, which basically means I won't have to go through 1000+ messages looking for your name.

Mabo's drama is coming out in the fall so I want to sub that too. I'll probably be putting this one on D-Addicts as well as my journal (with a priority for my journal as far as uploading things first is concerned), but I swear to God if someone re-posts without credits again I will knife them.

Although I wonder--are there people out there who enjoy the way I sub? I'll probably post something like that in the post I make later on for episode 10 of Fragile, lmao. "Did you enjoy the way I structured sentences? How about my literary style? Sorry I put so much curse words and make Kei sound like a hick!"

To all the Sho fans who sent me recommendations: OMG, I'm in love. ♥ ♥ ♥ He's literally so cool in all his songs, how does he do that when he's so moronic off the stage? Hip Pop Boogie is my favourite Sho solo right now, I think, and my favourite episode of G no Arashi (was it G?) is when Sho went to the zoo to learn how to draw and was proud of himself about how much he improved. XD And Ohno was like, "nooo, don't get better! It's not fun any more if you can draw!" pffttttttt.

But on that vein, if y'all have any Ohno recommendations please let me know because he's been the Arashi love of my life since like 2007 and you Arashi fans are such dependable people for music and episodes and EVERYTHING, apparently. It's amazing.

Oh also if this applies TALK TO ME ABOUT OHNO AND OKADA because that's a thing now that I am heavily, heavily interested in and their strange relationship kills me so god damn much.


[identity profile] jaz-dana.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 11:07 am (UTC)(link)
For me, the way you sub is fine :) not that 'tense' and makes me feel comfortable as a fan reading it :) i'm not sure what other fans think though (>_<')
Hahaha so your gayness for Sho extended. *claps* I'm proud of you man :))) if you haven't listened to his Rolling Days solo yet, omg please do. it's my current jam right now :) It has been released last year from Japonism album but it has just been lately that communities have subbed the Japonism con and his performance there was like "YAAAAASS!"
Mabo will have a new drama? omg. <3 <3 I hope you can sub it :)
Ohno is soooo cute :) There are funny moments of him in mago mago, as well as G or D no arashi as well. Like the Rewind episode with nino and jun and the eps where they went to old hospitals and resorts. Lately, his 'Tsukutte miyou' segment in AniShi are adorkable too :))
There are Ohno-Okada moments in some episodes of VSA :))

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 01:18 pm (UTC)(link)

i don't actually have interest in the japonism con because i don't care about arashi (OOPS) but if someone cuts just rolling days and akatsuki (is that the name of toshi's solo?? I FUCKING LOVE TOSHI) then i'll download those :)c

What does Ohno do in Tsukutte MIyou?? I mean I imagine he makes things but like... what things =))) but I'll check Mago Mago Arashi out if I can find it. As for D and G no Arashi I... only downloaded the udauda episodes, because there're years' worth of footage and I literally only want to see Ohno's dumb face. ;_;


I'm glad you like the way I translate (?), though! I don't do literal translation everywhere and have taken a lot of liberties to make the sentences flow smoother from an English speaker's perspective, so I never know if I'm doing it right. It's difficult with Fragile especially with the context of complex medical terminologies and conversations, so I've been worried about stuff like that all throughout, ahaha.

Mabo's drama seems to be more of the everyday conversation type of drama, though, so I think it'll be easier to sub. :D If I'm not mistaken it's a Friday drama, too, so ideally I'll want to finish the subtitles over the weekends and release Monday, but let's see if that can actually happen... orz

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[identity profile] ookameoo.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 11:09 am (UTC)(link)

wow that's a lot of messages haha. It's okay, take your time and enjoy ! You did a wonderful job so far, gambare !
I did post a comment on your previous entry and added you ;)

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 01:19 pm (UTC)(link)
I've added you as a friend already! Do you not see the entries? ):

And thanks a lot for that--I know for sure my subtitles aren't perfect, but I'm glad they're all right!

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[identity profile] mocoharuma.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 11:27 am (UTC)(link)
Mabo's drama is coming out in the fall so I want to sub that too.
OMG! onegaishimasu ne...looking forward.
Sho sho sho... high5. Ohno the bully hahaha, but i love them.
Thanks a lot for fragile subs... wow of course i love your way of subbing. saluting!!!
ganbatte kudasai....

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 01:20 pm (UTC)(link)
waaaa salamat tita!!

i got really mad when they announced mabo's drama, like "REALLY??? YOU DIDN'T THINK TOMO WAS ENOUGH AND YOU HAD TO MAKE A DRAMA FOR HIS BOYFRIEND TOO??????????"

it's even coming out in october

my birth month

what kind of horrible present is this

[identity profile] pe-pi-te.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 11:32 am (UTC)(link)
Hello, I’ve been posted in your first entry and addded you so I hope that’s ok if I re-post here. I say again : thank you for your hardwork ! The most important thing is your enjoy subbing yourself !

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi hi hi, I added you back!

Subbing is really fun, but it gets stressful when you have a bunch of people asking you about the progress of it. XD; This entire year's been rough for me in general hence it taking me half a year to finish subbing 10 episodes (I'M THE WORST...) but at least I'm almost done.

I hope you enjoy Fragile as much as I enjoyed translating it!

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[identity profile] lenra.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 12:18 pm (UTC)(link)
omg your messages D:

Thanks for giving a chance to re-post our comments here =) i hope you can add me too.
I like the way you sub and i don't mind the curse words lol

Thank you again for the amazing job, i know that subbing takes a lot of time so i appreciate your work.

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 01:23 pm (UTC)(link)
I did add you! :D Hello, I hope you enjoy whatever it is you came here for!

I find a few swear words here and there just make things sound more casual, especially on TOKIO's end since they talk like a bunch of best friends who just like to play around and have fun. As for translating Kei saying "shit" it's mostly because he always talks so rudely in terms of tone and it just fits more than having him say things politely, pfffft.

[identity profile] mrsyamada.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 12:48 pm (UTC)(link)
my friend request is probably long lost for you so im commenting XD also otsukare!
Edited 2016-09-09 12:49 (UTC)

[identity profile] selorah.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 12:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks again for Fragile translation.

Shooo~ <3 Did you listen to Anti Anti (unti unti)? It's one of his old solo.

For Ohno I really love his last Solo "Akatsuki" and all his solo actually x) . The perf of Akatsuki in the concert is very good too.
Maou is his best drama I think.

For Okada _ Ohno moment, Vs Arashi and Arashi ni shyagare (the one from 2013.04.20).
Maybe you already watched Arashi ni shiyagare with nagase (2013.01.19) ?

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:10 pm (UTC)(link)
YEAH I've heard it! Sho sounds so unbearably cool, it sucks.

I haven't heard Akatsuki yet, though. Admittedly when I saw a DL for Japonism I just took Rolling Days and didn't look back. XD And as for favourite Ohno dramas... yeah, I gotta go with Maou. After that I really like Kagi no Kakatta Heya! Enomoto is the best. ♥

Have you seen Shinigami-kun? I remember watching episode 1 of that but I never really did move on after. :x

AND OH GOD, I SAW THAT ANISHI. That's why I started shipping them... /cries

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[identity profile] gheyl-04.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 01:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm originally Sho-baited, but as I watch Mago Mago Arashi I'm starting to like Ohno- especially the members' talks at the end where usually they bully him. There's a user in dailymotion who mostly posts funny short clips of Arashi but mostly Ohno. I just love the clips she posts.

Here's the link: http://www.dailymotion.com/mei-san15

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:12 pm (UTC)(link)

I was Nino-baited, but my favourite in Arashi ended up being Ohno and has been Ohno for the past almost 10 years. :x I only recently got stupidly attracted to Sho, but Yama was always my favourite. ♥

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[identity profile] chemistry-2010.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 01:33 pm (UTC)(link)
hi... thank you for fragile subs... i hope you can add me back... i posted a comment and added you march 10th of this year... i'm really looking forward to your subs... thank you in advance... :-)
viereedom: (Default)

[personal profile] viereedom 2016-09-09 01:44 pm (UTC)(link)

Is it ok if you add me back?

Glad that you are back with fragile.. :)


[identity profile] machan23.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, long time no see
well, more than a thousand messages seems to be too much too read
any way, I was one of the one who put comment on your previous entry and became one of your thousand mesages
In my previous comment I mentioned that I'm here for fragile sub
I Like nagase in big money and unubore deka
if it's okay, would you add me back?

Thanks before..


Re: Hi,

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:07 pm (UTC)(link)


AHHHHHHHH YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[identity profile] mayezinha.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Mabo drama subs sounds great! I hope that project comes out whithout incidents and we all can flail happily over it.

Ohno Rec: Uta no Oniisan.

And well, I'm jumping in line, hoping to be added. XD;;

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:17 pm (UTC)(link)
I'VE SEEN UTA NO ONII-SAN AND I LOVED IT. God, it's one of my favourites. Actually I think every Ohno drama is my favourite, but I didn't enjoy Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai that much. :x

Fragile just came at a reeeeaaaaaally bad time in my life, I feel. I was bombarded with a billion things at once! But Mabo's drama seems like a healthy timeframe, so we'll see. XD; I'm just glad it's a Friday drama so it gives me time to translate over the weekend.
cleotine: (sho-us-fail)

[personal profile] cleotine 2016-09-09 02:25 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm happy that you've subbed the entire dorama and are releasing it despite everything that happened :)
I did send you a friend's request way back and I'd still be happy if you answered that. If you love dorky Sho I'd recommend the latest Vs Arashi to you, it also has some love for their Ohno (and then Arashi forgetting about him in-the-act) I just finished watching and it was hilarious! And in case you haven't had at least a glance at 'Japonism', you should really try to get your hands on that as well - Yama-pair are breathtaking (and Kaze trio are in tow).

Anyway, thanks for Fragile! I liked your subbing style and if they're using (very) informal speech in the original, why should you sugar-coat it in the translation?

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-12 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
Oh God, I feel like I'm going to get the entire Japonism concert just for Yama's solos, Jesus. I haven't even heard Akatsuki yet, which just goes to show how out of touch I am with Arashi's music. XD;; The last album I listened to was LOVE...

Thanks for the compliment, by the way! As for "very informal speech", Kei has a tendency to both be informal or use formal speech in a rude way (if that makes sense), but it's difficult to write formal English rudely, so sometimes I insert swear words here and there. :| He's honestly such a bitch to translate.

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[identity profile] kalake82.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! My previous comment is probably still sitting among your 1000+ PMs XD It would be great if you could add me back!
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[identity profile] wildbunnies.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)


they don't really talk about each other much on air, but i love hearing stories about their junior days. have u watched that episode of anishi where okada came as a guest (seriously one of the best ep ever!!)??

ohno+okada in vsa is pretty cute too but mostly scripted, which is why i prefer watching the anishi episode. i love ohno's expressions whenever okada opens his mouth to talk because he doesn't know what the dude's about to say lol (so much feelsssss)


[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-12 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
I watched that AniShi episode and that AniShi episode is precisely why I started shipping them as much as I do now, oh my God. What is that romantic summer getaway thing all about? Why did they spend every single day together? Where are the pictures they took from purikura? DID THEY FEED EACH OTHER THE NATA DE COCO BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD

Is VSA seriously scripted? I thought all the conversations they had were candid or something. :O


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[identity profile] chemistry-2010.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 02:43 pm (UTC)(link)
thank you very much for adding me back... i'm a newbie in the tokio fandom so i can't say much... haha... thank you again... <3

[identity profile] ramyoonbaby.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 03:00 pm (UTC)(link)

love this Ohno's solo called take me far away T.T

Also thank you for subbing the drama~

[identity profile] katmonkatmon.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 03:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I added you because a) reading your posts is incredibly entertaining b) I will watch every video you sub c) and yes, I love your literary style!!! Please add me back :D

Also, I wonder if you've watched Sho and Ohno's Oretachi no Song?

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-12 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
My posts are entertaining!? Hahaha. All I do is whine, though.

I haven't seen Oretachi no Song, no! What is that?

[identity profile] chynnawitch.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 04:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi Lance! Welcome back! <3
Hope you add me back as a friend.
Looking forward to your subs.
Thank you!

[identity profile] senna23.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)

Hi! A newbie to your journal. I like medical drama and since Fragile cast has lots of known actors and of course, it's Nagase-san xD I watched it–only until ep. 4 though. Hoping you can add me(?) and I shall enjoy the drama in my own personal use of your subs. Thanks for all the hardwork!

Sho is really great like that. He was my second bias after Matsujun in arashi. Glad that he'll have a drama after a loooong time. Then, my ichiban shifted to Ohno and it stayed ever since. His passion in art, his voice, his acting (besides Maou, try watching his latest drama, Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi–his first RomCom), his fluent movements and so forth. His interactions with Okada are always hilarious; I think there was in VS Arashi where Okadacchi(that's what he calls him if I'm not mistaken) promoted his movie. Sorry can't remember the exact airdate. m(_ _)m

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-12 08:22 am (UTC)(link)
Oh shit, I never saw Sekaiichi Muzukashii Koi! I'm told Ohno plays a douchebag there or something though, right? XD I'm not that into romance dramas so I didn't give it a shot, but maybe I should...

And yes, I'm downloading all of Okada's VSAs! :D Arashi6!

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[identity profile] kmmykills10969.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 04:32 pm (UTC)(link)
ganbatte lance-san! we're all cheering for you!

hip hop boogie is also my fave song of sho! but i like the version he sang in their blast in miyagi concert.
and yeah, ohno-okada relationship is weird but i like it! especially when ohno insist that he's the senpai

[identity profile] kachikochi.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
YAY So excited someone is going to finish Fraigle! I love this drama. Please add me and I appreciate and respect all the work you put in!

[identity profile] rikke-leonhart.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 05:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey you, welcome back! Hope hiatus was kind to you!

I'm obviously always ready to pimp out Ohno, because I'm so biased it's not even funny.

06 - in which Ohno's history with Drag Queens begins...
07 - in which he can't breathe for laughing
38 - in which Arashi goes to the zoo
44 - in which Aiba hosts a rather unusal dinner party for Sho in celebration of his Keio graduation. Ohno remains amused and happy with food.
107 - in which Arashi goes to an abandoned waterpark and chaos ensues

04 - in which Sho and Ohno help out a guy who wants to be an actor. (Note: I think I busted a rib laughing at the costume Sho wears)
13 - Aiba sugoroku. Utter chaos
17 - Arashi becomes cheerleaders, wear ridiculous costumes, Nino loses his wig and Ohno is effing cool
18 - in which Ohno and Nino tries to help someone confess their love. Ohno dresses up as a girl and everything is awesome.
29 - Sho and Ohno help someone confessing their love
37 - Sugoroku. More chaos

Golden Rush Arashi
3 - in which Ohno is an effing bamf at calligraphy

And all the Mago Rowing club eps because Ohno tries so hard to do leader-like things T___T ep 23, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 part 1 + 2 + 3, 34 and 35
Also every time Sho and Ohno are paired at MMA, because Sho always end up slacking off and Ohno gets pissed xD


[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-12 08:21 am (UTC)(link)
OH MY GOD YOU GAVE EPISODE NUMBERS. This is fantastic, I finally have something to do once semestral break comes around. :D! Well... besides subbing Mabo's new drama, BUT THAT'S IRRELEVANT BECAUSE MABO IS A BITCH.

I've seen all the Sugoroku eps I think, because those are my absolute favourites. And they also made me ship Junba, which I never expected to happen in my entire life.


I've always loved Ohno, but it got so hard to stay into Arashi as a group and I became way too lazy to watch their variety shows. XD Thank you so much for weeding through things for me and delivering the good stuff. :x

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ayesnoona: arashi (Default)

[personal profile] ayesnoona 2016-09-09 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)

Good to see you back!!! I really liked your Fragile subs so it's great to see your going to finish this project. My Ohno recommendation is his solo "Akatsuki" in Japonism concert,he was beyond amazing....hope you can add me back!!!

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2016-09-12 08:19 am (UTC)(link)
Everyone keeps recommending Akatsuki to me but I'm literally too lazy to download the whole Japonism concert just for my favs. >:/

BUT AT THIS RATE I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD, because I'm told Ohno and Sho's solos are suuuuuper amazing, and I'm so weak to Yama...

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[identity profile] izzyosa75.livejournal.com 2016-09-09 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, I'm pretty sure I've messaged you about joining but even if I haven't please add me :).

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