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DICK RIDING OLYMPIC CHAMPION TOMOYA NAGASE ([personal profile] hontontoko) wrote2016-09-09 06:30 pm

friend requests! messages! fragile! sho! more drama stuff!

Hi, I've been on hiatus way too long.

I've done episodes 5-9 of Fragile and will release 10 this weekend (assuming the family trip my mum wants to take me on doesn't take up too much time) or some time next week. If you're reading this and I still haven't added you as a friend, I'm so sorry! I'm trying to work on those as fast as I can.

My inbox looks like this right now:

So it's been pretty wild. :( I've already gone through 1000+ or so messages, but I'm going through everyone else's at as quick a pace I can manage. I promise I'll get to you soon! However, if you comment on this entry I'll add you as soon as I see the notification in my inbox, which basically means I won't have to go through 1000+ messages looking for your name.

Mabo's drama is coming out in the fall so I want to sub that too. I'll probably be putting this one on D-Addicts as well as my journal (with a priority for my journal as far as uploading things first is concerned), but I swear to God if someone re-posts without credits again I will knife them.

Although I wonder--are there people out there who enjoy the way I sub? I'll probably post something like that in the post I make later on for episode 10 of Fragile, lmao. "Did you enjoy the way I structured sentences? How about my literary style? Sorry I put so much curse words and make Kei sound like a hick!"

To all the Sho fans who sent me recommendations: OMG, I'm in love. ♥ ♥ ♥ He's literally so cool in all his songs, how does he do that when he's so moronic off the stage? Hip Pop Boogie is my favourite Sho solo right now, I think, and my favourite episode of G no Arashi (was it G?) is when Sho went to the zoo to learn how to draw and was proud of himself about how much he improved. XD And Ohno was like, "nooo, don't get better! It's not fun any more if you can draw!" pffttttttt.

But on that vein, if y'all have any Ohno recommendations please let me know because he's been the Arashi love of my life since like 2007 and you Arashi fans are such dependable people for music and episodes and EVERYTHING, apparently. It's amazing.

Oh also if this applies TALK TO ME ABOUT OHNO AND OKADA because that's a thing now that I am heavily, heavily interested in and their strange relationship kills me so god damn much.


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