Sep. 21st, 2016

hontontoko: (tokio)
Happy 22nd anniversary, TOKIO!

Here's part 1 of 2 for today's celebration: as comprehensive yet condensed a history as I can write for them, in case anyone wanted to learn more about this band. I started it in 2014 and have polished it little by little, using blog entries by various Japanese fans to help along the way (especially for events I wasn't a TOKIO fan for yet), and so far it is the most recent essay available detailing their years from formation and onward.



TOKIO is an active Japanese band under the talent agency Johnny’s & Associates, formed on the 21st of September in 1994. Incidentally, they’re also the only band in the agency that plays instruments and doesn’t dance whatsoever. They currently consist of five members: Shigeru Joshima on lead guitar, Tatsuya Yamaguchi on bass, Taichi Kokubun on keyboards, Masahiro Matsuoka on drums, and Tomoya Nagase on main vocals and rhythm guitar. Their music ranges primarily from rock of all attempts to pop, though they’re liable to try other (occasionally embarrassing) genres as they see fit.

TOKIO currently produces music under the J-Storm label, but have been under Sony Records and Universal J as well. As of January 2016, they’ve released 51 singles and 18 albums, with 7 of those singles reaching the number 1 ranking on the Oricon charts. Their most popular single to date is Sorafune at a platinum record status, but TOKIO is also well-known for releasing the single AMBITIOUS JAPAN!, which was used as the theme song for the JR Tokaido Shinkansen.

In news unrelated to music, TOKIO has two shows that air weekly in Japan. The first is the highly acclaimed variety show The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!, which airs on Sundays. The second is the talk show TOKIO Kakeru, which airs on Wednesdays.

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