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[LYRICS] TOKIO - Phonograph

From the glider album, released in 2003
Lyrics & Composition by HIKARI


ああ 君が告げた過去に
ああ いつしか近づいてく様で



やがて 余計なものは消えて行くだけ

ああ 君が消えないように
ああ 今はただ祈るだけ

声に出せたら 楽なのにまだ
あの日僕らが 抱えてたのと
比べられない程 大きな

例えば誰もが 同じ場所へと
いつか見た様な 慣れない今日を

Nani mo nai hibi o egaite mawaru rekoodo
Hidai shita fureezu ga surou ni
Mune no saibou de nijinda

Aa kimi ga tsugeta kako ni
Aa itsu shika chikadzuitekuyou de

Abitai no ni hanarete yuku
Hizashi motomeru bokura
Imi nai warai kurikaishite ima
Nani mo nai ni chiyou ga mata sugiru

Koe ni dasetara raku nano ni tada
Kakushin wa sotto kakushita
Ano hi bokura ga sagashiteta no wa
Sayonara to wa chotto chigatte takara

Nani ga daiji ka nante ima de mo wakaranai
Yagate yokeina mono wa kiete yuku dake

Aa kumu ga kienai you ni
Aa ima wa tada inoru dake

Koe ni dasetara raku nano ni mada
Kakushiteru kotoba ga arunda
Ano hi bokura ga kakaeteta no to
Kuraberarenai hodo ookina

Tatoeba daremoga onaji basho e to
Tadori tsukou toshiteru no nara
Itsuka mitayouna narenai kyou o
Kimi no soba de sugoshitainda

This spinning record paints the listlessness of everyday life
And their exaggerated phrases move oh-so slowly
Words like knives that cut into my chest

Ah, you told me long ago
Ah, that you'd come here one day

I want to wash myself clean, but I want to run far away
Everybody's just looking for a little bit of sunshine
These days, I smile time and time again without meaning it
And yet again, a meaningless Sunday comes up fast

It'd be easier if I could just say it out loud
This thing I've quietly hidden in my heart
That the day we finally found what we were looking for
It was a little different from what we expected, just like the way we said goodbye

To this day, I still don't know what's important to me
But everything I don't need will eventually fall away

Ah, just like how you disappeared from me
Ah, now all I can do is pray

Even if it'd be easier to say it out loud
I still keep these words hidden away
That the day you and I accepted with all our hearts
Was too big for us to take

Let's say everyone's travelling to the same place
And that's all any of us are ever reaching for
Still, I want nothing more than to be by your side today
On a day unlike any I've ever seen before

Another request from [livejournal.com profile] tongvfangshidae! All my favourite songs are being requested, hahah. But I love the quiet sound of this, and I love the calm quality to Leader's voice, and I love the gentle back-up of Tatsuya and Tomoya, and I love the complicated lyrics and I love the images that they make. I swear, this is one of my most recommended TOKIO songs ever; it's a masterpiece that doesn't make a big deal of itself.

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