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Draco Rattus ([personal profile] draco_rattus) wrote in [personal profile] hontontoko 2017-03-05 09:48 am (UTC)

Your hard work is always appreciated! <3 fklkljskj;; I'M NOT COOL I'M JUST OBSESSIVE and I don't know when to shut up, idek

DUDE, I FUCKIN' LOVE PETPLAY. I have my own black leather collar and leash, and I have ears, and restraints, and... dammit I have wanted a plug with a tail for so long. YOU'RE PREACHING TO THE CONVERTED. Yesterday I was lying on my front while my partner spanked my ass with a riding crop, and then HER FUCKING CAT WALKED IN and thought the riding crop was a toy and meowed and jumped on my back and started swatting at it, and we had to stop because I was laughing too much

fkjlj;/;;;k;;\skk; TOKIO-SENPAI CALLED ME CUTE. *flails* Oh man, I am such a switch, though. One minute I can be dominant and snarling and growling and biting and pushing my partner down onto the bed and fucking them hard, and the next I can be on all fours begging and whining like a submissive little bitch. I totally get what you mean about gaining satisfaction from pleasuring your partner though. Totally.

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