hontontoko: (mabonaga ( young gays ))
DICK RIDING OLYMPIC CHAMPION TOMOYA NAGASE ([personal profile] hontontoko) wrote 2017-03-05 10:46 am (UTC)


Stopping because you started laughing is really cute. XD But damn it, y'all, this is why you close doors!! It truly shows the obliviousness of animals though, that's adorable.

I think the only reason I exclusively top is because I really don't get any physical satisfaction from sex. :3c My reasons in doing it are primarily for the fact that it's a way to show intimacy--I had a boyfriend once who tried really hard to get me off and I really appreciated his efforts, but it's just. Really not for me. XD I mean I like being kissed and touched and all of that (it's really cute and makes me all warm and fuzzy and all that cheesy shit ;sdkfl;hsg), but it's impossible for me to get more out of it than happy romance I love you so much feelings. So it's best that I just screw the living daylights out of my partners, y'know? :||||| i live for bottoms who're absolute sluts for me, that's the b e s t

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