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Draco Rattus ([personal profile] draco_rattus) wrote in [personal profile] hontontoko 2017-03-05 02:01 pm (UTC)

OH GOOD, I HOPE YOU LIKE LOTS OF REPLIES because when I get excited I can't stop typing. :|

Haha, seriously, I am the kind of person who laughs at everything. And hey, I ended up with a free cat back massage so it's not all bad! Their honesty and obliviousness is generally why I prefer animals to people...

Dude, that doesn't sound weird to me. Everyone enjoys different levels of intimacy, physical or otherwise - at least your ex tried to get you off that way, it's more than some of my exes have done! My issue is that I, uh, I finish once, but then I have a reeeeeeally long recharge time so I tend to just end up kissing and touching and snuggling for ages because I'm spent. Hnnnngh, that actually sounds really hot, coming from someone who can be a needy, attention-seeking bottom sometimes... and let's just say the internet isn't the only place I do RP, so, yeah

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