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Draco Rattus ([personal profile] draco_rattus) wrote in [personal profile] hontontoko 2017-03-06 05:41 pm (UTC)

Haha, I figured if you wanted me to shut the fuck up you'd already have done so a long time before now, what with this being your journal and all.

THIS IS MY BABY BOY. He's called Tamas, named after a favourite NPC of mine from a tabletop RPG I play in (proper Old School pens and paper and dice and shit.) I used to have five males, but rats only live a couple of years and he's the last one left... he needs more friends now. :(

he's a fat little shit and WHY ARE MY PICTURES COMING OUT SO FUCKING SMOL Do you have any pictures of Mochi? Since I can't have a dog of my own I may as well look at other peoples'! >___<

*more flailing*

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