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DICK RIDING OLYMPIC CHAMPION TOMOYA NAGASE ([personal profile] hontontoko) wrote2015-11-10 06:03 pm
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Subbing-related questions!

Just some quick things I was wondering about, especially since I release shit weekly.

1. Do you watch the Tetsuwan DASH? And if you do, are visual subs important, or are subs just for the audio okay?
2. Same question as 1, but replace DASH with TOKIO Kakeru.
3. Are the subtitles sometimes too hard to read? (e.g. too fast, Translators Notes are too long, etc.)
4. Do you mind the translations being modified to sound more casual/colloquial, or do you prefer more literal translations?
5. Are the translations easy to understand?
6. If I sub Tomo's drama Fragile, should they be softsubbed or hardsubbed?
7. Are MQ download links necessary? Are HQ download links necessary?
8. In the event of concert subbing, do the romaji/kanji for songs have to have karaoke effects, or are plain subtitles okay?

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