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DICK RIDING OLYMPIC CHAMPION TOMOYA NAGASE ([personal profile] hontontoko) wrote2015-11-20 06:52 pm
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Any timers?

Hey everyone! Short message for now. [livejournal.com profile] gurajiorasu and I won't be able to release TOKIO Kakeru this weekend on account of both of us being too busy to time the translations. The only way this can be solved is if someone else can time it, but I don't know anyone who can so for now it's in the air. I found a TOKIO Kakeru timer, but the 11/8 DASH is still up in the air, unfortunately.

If you're interested in helping time then let me know! They've been fully translated, so no need to worry about that. In the meantime I won't be releasing subs this weekend 'till I can find a timer.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

[identity profile] mellow-mango.livejournal.com 2015-11-20 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd love to help you but I don't know how to do it. Sorry...

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
Don't worry about it! Thank you for the well-wishes!!! :D

I think maybe I won't be able to put the subs on the video this time though since I'll be in uni when they arrive. :( So next weekend will probably be the release date...

[identity profile] mellow-mango.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 09:02 am (UTC)(link)
Only if I could help. If you need any help in the future (not too complicated one) pls let me know :)

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 09:17 am (UTC)(link)
Well, if my timer finishes with the subs before Friday, can I ask you to encode + upload the video for me?

I can make a step by step manual for encoding (it's super easy once you have the program; I'll show where to get everything too) if you'd like to give it a try. If not then that's fine too! I'll be able to encode on the weekend, anyway. :D

[identity profile] mellow-mango.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 10:06 am (UTC)(link)
Sure, if you gonna tell me how to encode 'cause I don't know how :) I can try. But I'm gonna travel tomorrow, so I think I can get on a computer either Monday or Tuesday. Hope it's not too late.

Here's my email daisy_fleurth@yahoo.com

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 02:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll make sure to make a guide for it! :D And don't worry, I think the subs will be arriving Wednesday? Thursday? If they arrive on Friday-Sunday then I'll be the one to encode it instead since I'll be home from uni by then. ♥

THANK YOU SO MUCH SAYA!!! And I hope you have fun travelling, omg. ARE YOU GONNA RIDE A PLANE???? *Haneda Kuukou no Kiseki.mp3 plays in the background*

[identity profile] mellow-mango.livejournal.com 2015-11-22 08:40 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah taking a plane with a kid ... Tiring lol well, you've got my email, if it's gonna be me to encode, pls send me an email then :)

Thank you
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[identity profile] coffee99.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 06:25 am (UTC)(link)
I can try to do the timing. It might take a while since I'm still a beginner.

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 06:27 am (UTC)(link)
Hey there! That's perfectly fine. It'll probably be faster than waiting half a month or so, heh.

Did you want to time for TokiKake or DASH? Both? The DASH raw is on the teatime comm, and I can link you to one for TokiKake.

PM me your e-mail too so I can send the script. :D Thank you so much!!

[identity profile] coffee99.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 08:39 am (UTC)(link)
No worries, would be glad to help. I might have time for only 1 though so I'll try Kake first and see how it goes.

Email is x-lyy@hotmail.com

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 08:48 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome! I send you an e-mail with all the stuff in it. Thanks again!

[identity profile] nihonarashi.livejournal.com 2015-11-21 02:59 pm (UTC)(link)
ganbattee!!!! X3
im sorry even i said i'll help you before but still work on GEI now ><;

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-22 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
NOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S OKAY!! I managed to find a timer and it has been awesome all around.

I actually still have to finish my GEI translations and I'm crying.

School is taking away my fandom liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife ;____;

[identity profile] nihonarashi.livejournal.com 2015-11-23 02:11 pm (UTC)(link)
ohhh glad finally you found timer x3

and ganbatte for you GEI part!!! i feel youuuuu.
uni really took my times ;___; *and ofc bc that life priority orz
that's why last week i had 3 days off and i used that all to did my part lol XD

[identity profile] soritt.livejournal.com 2015-11-22 07:44 am (UTC)(link)
I can time relatively short project. Anything less than an hour should be doable (within a couple of days).

I have time several times before (Oh my subbing youth). I can time karaoke if you need me to ~

email is sophia300595@gmail.com if you need me.

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-22 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
I try to release TokiKake every weekend, so that one has a time limit of sorts.

DASH, on the other hand, I just do for the hell of it for random episodes, so if ever I plan on doing DASH in the future, would it be okay for me to ask for your help? :D

I rarely sub full DASH episodes (or at least I feel like I won't be subbing full ones... maybe...), so the segments'll probably be 30 minutes or shorter a pop!

[identity profile] soritt.livejournal.com 2015-11-22 04:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Feel free to send me an email when you want to sub DASH then!

[identity profile] arashifann.livejournal.com 2015-11-28 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
If you need a timer for TOKIO stuff, I'm here ^_^
Do you receive requests???

[identity profile] kurokouchi.livejournal.com 2015-11-29 07:25 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome! :D I'll keep you in mind in case I have any TOKIO things I wanna translate but have no timer for, LOL. Maybe this week's TOKIO Kakeru.

As for requests, it depends on what it is. :') I have a whole bunch of things I want to do so if I do take requests then it'll be a while until I can actually do it. What did you have in mind?

[identity profile] arashifann.livejournal.com 2015-12-01 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
You are right.
Actually, I hoped anyone would sub them:
-Shabekuri007 [2013.01.14] with Nagase Tomoya
-Tokio kakeru [2013.10.09] with Matsumoto Jun and Ueno Juri
Now, it's alright because there are another community will sub them XD
Thank you for hard work ^_^