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For those of you who, like me, love and miss Byori 3 and all their friends a little too much. The Fragile soundtrack is especially superb--and brings up a lot of nostalgic feelings while listening to each track--so I do hope you guys who liked the drama enjoy this as well.

composed by Yuuki Hayashi & Asami Tachibana

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From the fragile single, released in 2016
Lyrics by Tomoya Nagase
Composed by Tomoya Nagase
Arranged by Tomoya Nagase




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Super rushed translation under the cut. I literally can't wait for this drama to come out, you guys have no idea.

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I saw this and freaked the fuck out so here it is for all of you so you can freak the fuck out, too.

「僕の言葉はぜったいだ。」 is my new catchphrase in life, incidentally. I wonder if it'll end up becoming as stupidly revolutionary as Hanzawa Naoki's 「倍返し」? Probably not, but a guy can dream.

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One panel from Fragile

Bin Kusamizu's original work, Fragile, with art by Megumi Saburou, will have a television drama adaptation. It will start on the 13th of January in 2016 on Fuji Television.

Fragile is a medical-themed work serialised in Kodansha's monthly publication, Afternoon. A pathologist's job is to diagnose diseases based on an assortment of data, including but not limited to a patient's bodily fluids, stool samples, cells, and blood. It's been decided that the protagonist, a pathologist named Keiichiro Kishi, will be played by none other than TOKIO's Tomoya Nagase.

It'll be 15 years since Nagase's last foray into the world of medical dramas, that being when he starred in TBS' drama, Handoku!!!, in 2001. However, this time he plays the only suit-wearer in a group of white coats, who more often than not clashes with those who're more passionate than he. As far as how playing the character goes, one way to think of it is that "Kishi is intensely eccentric, but also holds one of the most brilliant minds".

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