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MAN, THE HOLIDAY SEASON HAS BEEN INTENSE. It's 2016, though, so isn't that exciting? I have a whole bunch of messages in my inbox and a lot of comments to reply to (INCLUDING PEOPLE WHO I HAVE TO GET TO WHO ADDED ME TO SEE MY SUBS--I'M SORRY I'M TAKING SO LONG!), so I'll try to get through those tonight after I finish all the work I have to do. BUT STILL. 2016! This year looks like it'll be super busy for TOKIO (who have a new single coming out in February, another thingy they're endorsing, an album coming out later in the year [probably mid-year?] and a TOUR), so in other words I won't have money any more. :'D

Also this post got unnecessarily long so I'm gonna put the rest under a cut. It doesn't even have any pretty pictures and I'm so sorry. :(

Shut Up Lance: An Autobiography )