Feb. 21st, 2017

hontontoko: (yamajima)
it took me two months but i think i finally granted access to everyone who commented on my friends only entry here on dw? let me know if i missed you

subs: i have the tonisen tokikake episode 83% translated and have to get off my ass to finish it, i know. also listed some projects for this year's tomo week so hopefully i won't be too behind on that. for dramas, kanojo ga shinjatta is in the works, but i have to get my work/school shit together before i do anything. might also be taking handoku!!!, since i recently got a copy of the dvd, but since my life's busy who knows when i can do squat

i'm probably going to be backing up tokioteatime here on dw so that'll be fun

anyway thanks for your support guys. #zuttotokio

and if we've never spoken before HI ITS NICE TO MEET YOU IM LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets be friends