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Subs, bleh, KinKi, more bleh

MAN, THE HOLIDAY SEASON HAS BEEN INTENSE. It's 2016, though, so isn't that exciting? I have a whole bunch of messages in my inbox and a lot of comments to reply to (INCLUDING PEOPLE WHO I HAVE TO GET TO WHO ADDED ME TO SEE MY SUBS--I'M SORRY I'M TAKING SO LONG!), so I'll try to get through those tonight after I finish all the work I have to do. BUT STILL. 2016! This year looks like it'll be super busy for TOKIO (who have a new single coming out in February, another thingy they're endorsing, an album coming out later in the year [probably mid-year?] and a TOUR), so in other words I won't have money any more. :'D

Also this post got unnecessarily long so I'm gonna put the rest under a cut. It doesn't even have any pretty pictures and I'm so sorry. :(

Now that all the horrifyingly tiring family outings and stuff are over, I'm ready to go back to translating longer stuff! Maybe! For things that I'm actually doing, I started an Itadaki SUPER High Jump episode, the TOKIO x Arashi Korokoro Sugoroku, and I'm downloading Tomo's Kanjani Chronicle as we speak. I also have a segment from the 3 hr Gakkou e Ikou! SP that showed in November... I'm so sorry to the timers and the other translators for taking so long! ;_; Furthermore I have some plans for a double celebration for Gussan and Mabo's birthday, but whether I can release two videos or just one really awesome one is something else entirely. I fucking hate Mabo.

School's rolling around again so I'm gonna do my best to finish a whole bunch of projects before I have to go back to studying. Tomo's Shin Domoto Kyoudai is showing tonight and I'm definitely doing that as well, but we'll see how quickly I can finish it. Fragile Team's VS Arashi is also part of my list of projects, so I'm sure all you people who added me for the TOKIO x Arashi crap is gonna enjoy that in particular. I've also got my eye on an Uwa! Damasareta Taisho episode with Mabo and Tomo's upcoming appearance on Honma Dekka... so we'll see how much I can accomplish. :|

If anyone's willing to do some timing or typesetting for me, I'd really appreciate it! \o/ [livejournal.com profile] gurajiorasu will be doing the Jump, Korokoro, and VS Arashi stuff, though, so I just need timers for the birthday project/s, KanChroni, Honma Dekka, SDK, and maybe DamaTai. And also maybe two TOKIO Kakeru episodes that I have to finish if [livejournal.com profile] gurajiorasu is still swamped with all my other stupid translating projects then. XD P.S. [livejournal.com profile] soritt, are you still willing to do DASH episodes?

Speaking of Shin Domoto Kyoudai, though, and of the Domotos in particular, I'm starting to get back into them after... forever. I have no idea where to download their music (I'm looking to get their entire discography because I'm an .mp3 hoarder like that) so it'd be nice if anyone could point me in the right direction for it. I know [livejournal.com profile] domotokyoudai exists, but I really hope there's some organised list of their discography somewhere out there 'cause I'm way too lazy to sift through 2394729834 entries... with some dead links thrown in... u_u I only have Misty in my computer right now, but I've already listened to that 102 times as of writing this entry and a man can only hear the same song for so long.

ALSO. If anyone knows where I can find that SDK episode with Tomo in it from however long ago and also where to find the recent Arashi ni Shiyagare episode with Tsuyoshi (I know NNK subs did it; I'm a member of their community on my old account, but it looks like all the links on that post are dead D:) I'd love you forever. My non-Japanese speaking girlfriend is getting into KinKi with me apparently (she was Tsuyobaited!! I'M A GOOD INFLUENCE) and I'd like to show her a whole bunch of stuff so we can flail together.

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