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DICK RIDING OLYMPIC CHAMPION TOMOYA NAGASE ([personal profile] hontontoko) wrote2016-03-01 06:48 pm
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Super quick entry!

1. I know there're Arashi fans who've added me to their lists for the TOKIO x Arashi talks I subbed last New Year's. If you're still interested in those, let me know! I've been getting to my friends requests rather slowly, so I don't want to add anyone who might just be angry with me for taking so damn long and have given up on it. :B Also if you comment on this entry I'll add you immediately.

2. Future projects once I finish Fragile are listed here. Obviously, those without links are the ones I plan to do. Some of these videos need raws, which you'll see in the description, so I'd appreciate any help if anyone finds any. Also, I'm always looking for timers (and typesetters? Maybe?) to help me out! If you know anyone planning to sub them, let me know 'cause they'll probably finish before I do.

3. TYTD is coming out this March! I'm not sure when the DVD release is, but I'll be subbing it when the time comes. Again, if you know someone who might want to do it, tell me!

4. I want to open requests for TOKIO songs or NagaSta recordings you'd like to see translated, so I'll probably set up an entry for that soon.

5. I'm considering translating TOKIO Kakeru weekly again once Fragile is finished, but IDK. I'm looking at the Kamiki episode, though, 'cause who DOESN'T love TYTD?

6. TOKIO subbing group, anyone? Maybe?

That's all from me! Title is the TOKIO song I'm listening to right now for no other reason except that I love it. If you haven't heard it yet, click here and press play 'cause that shit is lovely.

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