Sep. 19th, 2016

hontontoko: (shokada)
I don't know, I just feel like writing. My last advent calendar thing was a disaster because I got super busy out of nowhere, but I figure I should fill those requests out as well. :x

Obviously I like TOKIO and V6 and SMAP best, but I'll be willing to write Arashi and Kanjani8 fanfiction as well for anyone on my list who's into that. :D I'll do all ratings from G to NC-17, so unless you specify certain prompts/ratings then you'll just have to be surprised with what I come up with.

I accept J-drama/film requests too! I've watched all of TOKIO's stuff, a handful of Nino and Sho's stuff, and everything Ohno's been in except Sekaiichi Muzukashii Koi. Still, it's okay to request other dramas/films and I'll let you know if I've seen them.

My only no's are Ohmiya, Okada/Ken, and Taichi/Tomoya! Besides that, please feel free to request things and I'll be writing them over the next few weeks/months.

Thanks! ♥