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2017-05-18 10:30 pm

*dusts cobwebs* PUT YOUR BALLS IN THE AIR

I've taken a severely long break from fandom for a while (and have made the permanent decision to leave Tumblr forever), which has had... interesting effects. For one thing, I have had a lot more time to write the things I want to write (all of them are around terrible taboo subjects, though...), my grades have been doing well, and work hasn't been so rough. So hey. Unfortunately now I have student council work to add to my academics, and I'll be spending all summer working in a high school, so uhhhhh. Hooray experience?

This entry got a lot longer than I thought it would. )

Anyway, my skill in translating Japanese has gotten pretty rusty, so please request any TOKIO song you might want translated so I can practise things before Tomo's drama comes out. ^_^ You can also send news articles and such my way, but just TOKIO-related stuff, if only because uh... well. TOKIO.
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2017-04-10 12:55 pm
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summer subbin', happened so fast

I'm sure you've all heard about Tomo's new romance drama coming up!

Awesomely enough it coincides with my summer break, so I'll be subbing that. :Dd

I don't have time to translate anything concrete right now, but it's a remake of the 2004 K-Drama Sorry, I Love You. Tomo's character was abandoned by his mum, then gets this fatal injury after helping who I presume is his love interest (who, incidentally, has a romance thing going on with Tomo's half-brother). That being said, he tries to look for her before he dies so they can connect again. It sounds cheesy as hell and I'd rather die before I watch a romance drama, but we all know how much I love Tomo, so hey.

According to Tomo, the reason he hasn't done romance dramas as of late is because of lack of interest. "Love just wasn't the kind of thing I could comprehend," or so he says. He also says that he'll be pursuing the role "in a way that only I could do a love story".

"Now that I'm in my late thirties, the way I think about love is a lot different than it was 20 years ago. With this role, I'll be able to pursue it more honestly. After all the acting I've done, I want this character to be one people'll think, oh, only Tomoya Nagase could've played that guy, and if I have to do a love story for it, then isn't that fine? It'll be a love story no-one's ever seen before."
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2017-03-14 08:43 am
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arashi subbing...

I REMEMBER ASKING THIS BEFORE about where the hell to find arashi raws but like. since i'm an idiot

i wanna do a part of the anishi last saturday................................because sho's english *stares at my hands* this is the most shameful admission of my LIFE, i can't BELIEVE

no idea where the fuck to find shit for download though like. y'all
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2017-02-21 10:27 am
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(no subject)

it took me two months but i think i finally granted access to everyone who commented on my friends only entry here on dw? let me know if i missed you

subs: i have the tonisen tokikake episode 83% translated and have to get off my ass to finish it, i know. also listed some projects for this year's tomo week so hopefully i won't be too behind on that. for dramas, kanojo ga shinjatta is in the works, but i have to get my work/school shit together before i do anything. might also be taking handoku!!!, since i recently got a copy of the dvd, but since my life's busy who knows when i can do squat

i'm probably going to be backing up tokioteatime here on dw so that'll be fun

anyway thanks for your support guys. #zuttotokio

and if we've never spoken before HI ITS NICE TO MEET YOU IM LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets be friends
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2016-12-28 01:07 am

cool cool cool

To those who replied to my post thing to stay on my friends list: no worries! You guys are safe. I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to any of your comments, but the holiday season is hectic as shit. I'll be replying to them in a bit, though, because you've all been really nice and I don't wanna just leave things hanging.

To those who're waiting on friend requests: I'm currently on limit for friends on LiveJournal, but I'm about to delete those who haven't told me they still want to remain on my friend list. I'll make sure to add you as soon as space clears up, but please be patient!

On another note, the TOKIO x Arashi talks for this year have started again. I figure it won't hurt to sub them, so I'll have Tatsuya and Nino's talk up in a few hours.

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2016-09-20 08:00 pm
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re: ohno on anishi

Super short! But anyway, this is a weird request, and if Ohno has any segments on any future AniShi episodes, can someone please let me know?

I want to sub all his shit but I can't bring myself to actually watch an entire AniShi episode if it doesn't involve Ohno in some way. Sorry, rest of Arashi. ^^;

(Also if anyone wants to time these Ohno-specific projects, let me know!)
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2016-09-09 06:30 pm

friend requests! messages! fragile! sho! more drama stuff!

Hi, I've been on hiatus way too long.

fragile, friend requests, blah )

what do you mean more dramas )


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2016-03-01 06:48 pm
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Super quick entry!

Very boring stuff! )

That's all from me! Title is the TOKIO song I'm listening to right now for no other reason except that I love it. If you haven't heard it yet, click here and press play 'cause that shit is lovely.
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2016-01-12 04:42 pm
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Arashi fans! Arashi fans who watched Bocchan!

Do you know if anyone has plans to sub Nino's Bocchan SP that came out on January 3?

Read more... )

Also I'm gonna go work on friend requests now I'M SO SORRY IT'S BEEN TAKING ME SO LONG TO GET TO THEM.
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2016-01-03 07:44 pm

Subs, bleh, KinKi, more bleh

MAN, THE HOLIDAY SEASON HAS BEEN INTENSE. It's 2016, though, so isn't that exciting? I have a whole bunch of messages in my inbox and a lot of comments to reply to (INCLUDING PEOPLE WHO I HAVE TO GET TO WHO ADDED ME TO SEE MY SUBS--I'M SORRY I'M TAKING SO LONG!), so I'll try to get through those tonight after I finish all the work I have to do. BUT STILL. 2016! This year looks like it'll be super busy for TOKIO (who have a new single coming out in February, another thingy they're endorsing, an album coming out later in the year [probably mid-year?] and a TOUR), so in other words I won't have money any more. :'D

Also this post got unnecessarily long so I'm gonna put the rest under a cut. It doesn't even have any pretty pictures and I'm so sorry. :(

Shut Up Lance: An Autobiography )
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2015-11-20 06:52 pm
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Any timers?

Hey everyone! Short message for now. [livejournal.com profile] gurajiorasu and I won't be able to release TOKIO Kakeru this weekend on account of both of us being too busy to time the translations. The only way this can be solved is if someone else can time it, but I don't know anyone who can so for now it's in the air. I found a TOKIO Kakeru timer, but the 11/8 DASH is still up in the air, unfortunately.

If you're interested in helping time then let me know! They've been fully translated, so no need to worry about that. In the meantime I won't be releasing subs this weekend 'till I can find a timer.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
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2015-11-10 06:03 pm
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Subbing-related questions!

Just some quick things I was wondering about, especially since I release shit weekly.

1. Do you watch the Tetsuwan DASH? And if you do, are visual subs important, or are subs just for the audio okay?
2. Same question as 1, but replace DASH with TOKIO Kakeru.
3. Are the subtitles sometimes too hard to read? (e.g. too fast, Translators Notes are too long, etc.)
4. Do you mind the translations being modified to sound more casual/colloquial, or do you prefer more literal translations?
5. Are the translations easy to understand?
6. If I sub Tomo's drama Fragile, should they be softsubbed or hardsubbed?
7. Are MQ download links necessary? Are HQ download links necessary?
8. In the event of concert subbing, do the romaji/kanji for songs have to have karaoke effects, or are plain subtitles okay?